Or not Alternative Questions, Focus and Discourse Structure

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ROMERO, Maribel, Erlinde MEERTENS, Andrea BELTRAMA, 2021. Or not Alternative Questions, Focus and Discourse Structure. First Experiments in Linguistic Meaning (ELM) conference. Philadelphia, PA, Sep 16, 2020 - Sep 18, 2020. In: BELTRAMA, Andrea, ed., Florian SCHWARZ, ed., Anna PAPAFRAGOU, ed.. Proceedings of ELM 1. Washington, DC:Linguistic Society of America (LSA), pp. 249-260. eISSN 2694-1791. Available under: doi: 10.3765/elm.1.5026

@inproceedings{Romero2021-07-30Alter-57527, title={Or not Alternative Questions, Focus and Discourse Structure}, year={2021}, doi={10.3765/elm.1.5026}, address={Washington, DC}, publisher={Linguistic Society of America (LSA)}, booktitle={Proceedings of ELM 1}, pages={249--260}, editor={Beltrama, Andrea and Schwarz, Florian and Papafragou, Anna}, author={Romero, Maribel and Meertens, Erlinde and Beltrama, Andrea} }

Romero, Maribel Meertens, Erlinde Beltrama, Andrea 2022-05-12T13:52:14Z Beltrama, Andrea eng 2022-05-12T13:52:14Z Or not alternative questions like Are you coming or not? give rise to so-called ‘cornering effects’ (Biezma 2009), consisting of two parts: (i) they cannot appear discourse-initially, and (ii) they do not allow for follow-up questions. Building on recent experimental data (Beltrama, Meertens & Romero 2020), the present paper raises problems for current analyses (Biezma 2009, Biezma & Rawlins 2012, 2018), reframes the second part of cornering as not specific to NAQs but as a general constraint on questions in general, and develops a novel proposal for the first part of cornering. The key ingredients of the new proposal are the intrinsic focus structure of or not questions and its effects on discourse trees. Attribution 4.0 International Romero, Maribel Or not Alternative Questions, Focus and Discourse Structure Meertens, Erlinde 2021-07-30

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