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Spin-hall-active platinum thin films grown via atomic layer deposition

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SCHLITZ, Richard, Akinwumi Abimbola AMUSAN, Michaela LAMMEL, Stefanie SCHLICHT, Tommi TYNELL, Julien BACHMANN, Georg WOLTERSDORF, Kornelius NIELSCH, Sebastian T. B. GÖNNENWEIN, Andy THOMAS, 2018. Spin-hall-active platinum thin films grown via atomic layer deposition. In: Applied Physics Letters. American Institute of Physics (AIP). 112(24), 242403. ISSN 0003-6951. eISSN 1077-3118. Available under: doi: 10.1063/1.5025472

@article{Schlitz2018-01-12T02:35:01ZSpinh-51891, title={Spin-hall-active platinum thin films grown via atomic layer deposition}, year={2018}, doi={10.1063/1.5025472}, number={24}, volume={112}, issn={0003-6951}, journal={Applied Physics Letters}, author={Schlitz, Richard and Amusan, Akinwumi Abimbola and Lammel, Michaela and Schlicht, Stefanie and Tynell, Tommi and Bachmann, Julien and Woltersdorf, Georg and Nielsch, Kornelius and Gönnenwein, Sebastian T. B. and Thomas, Andy}, note={Article Number: 242403} }

Tynell, Tommi Thomas, Andy Thomas, Andy Schlitz, Richard Lammel, Michaela We study the magnetoresistance of yttrium iron garnet/Pt heterostructures in which the Pt layer was grown via atomic layer deposition (ALD). Magnetotransport experiments in three orthogonal rotation planes reveal the hallmark features of spin Hall magnetoresistance. To estimate the spin transport parameters, we compare the magnitude of the magnetoresistance in samples with different Pt thicknesses. We check the spin Hall angle and the spin diffusion length of the ALD Pt layers against the values reported for high-quality sputter-deposited Pt films. The spin diffusion length of 1.5 nm agrees well with that of platinum thin films reported in the literature, whereas the spin Hall magnetoresistance Δρ/ρ=2.2×10<sup>−5</sup> is approximately a factor of 20 smaller compared to that of our sputter-deposited films. Our results demonstrate that ALD allows fabricating spin-Hall-active Pt films of suitable quality for use in spin transport structures. This work provides the basis to establish conformal ALD coatings for arbitrary surface geometries with spin-Hall-active metals and could lead to 3D spintronic devices in the future. Nielsch, Kornelius Schlicht, Stefanie Schlitz, Richard 2020-11-19T14:23:38Z Bachmann, Julien Gönnenwein, Sebastian T. B. Lammel, Michaela Nielsch, Kornelius Spin-hall-active platinum thin films grown via atomic layer deposition Tynell, Tommi Amusan, Akinwumi Abimbola Schlicht, Stefanie Gönnenwein, Sebastian T. B. Bachmann, Julien Woltersdorf, Georg 2020-11-19T14:23:38Z terms-of-use Amusan, Akinwumi Abimbola 2018-01-12T02:35:01Z Woltersdorf, Georg eng

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