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rsmove : An r package to bridge remote sensing and movement ecology

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REMELGADO, Ruben, Martin WEGMANN, Kamran SAFI, 2019. rsmove : An r package to bridge remote sensing and movement ecology. In: Methods in Ecology and Evolution. British Ecological Society. 10(8), pp. 1212-1221. ISSN 2041-2096. eISSN 2041-210X. Available under: doi: 10.1111/2041-210X.13199

@article{Remelgado2019rsmov-51695, title={rsmove : An r package to bridge remote sensing and movement ecology}, year={2019}, doi={10.1111/2041-210X.13199}, number={8}, volume={10}, issn={2041-2096}, journal={Methods in Ecology and Evolution}, pages={1212--1221}, author={Remelgado, Ruben and Wegmann, Martin and Safi, Kamran} }

2020-11-09T10:16:02Z 2019 terms-of-use Wegmann, Martin 2020-11-09T10:16:02Z Remelgado, Ruben 1. Remote sensing is a valuable tool in movement ecology. However, the way it is combined with animal movement data is far from optimal as most studies overlook differences in the spatial, temporal and thematic resolutions between both data types.<br />2. rsmove uses a pixel‐based approach to link animal tracking and remote sensing data that bridge the gap between these two disciplines while respecting the limitations of the latest. Additionally, if offers standardize methods to pre‐analyse the connection between animal movement and environmental change.<br />3. The package guides the choice of study sites, satellite data and environmental predictors though data mining and visualization tools. rsmove offers a simple methodology to analyse animal–environment interactions that helps avoid unnecessary, time‐consuming satellite data processing through an informed decision process.<br />4. The package offers a basis for a better communication between ecologists and remote sensing experts contributing to the definition of clear remote sensing data requirements. Additionally, it provides future studies on animal movement tools for a more critical approach on the selection of environmental data supporting the reproducibility of animal movement studies. Safi, Kamran Wegmann, Martin Remelgado, Ruben eng Safi, Kamran rsmove : An r package to bridge remote sensing and movement ecology

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