g-tensor resonance in double quantum dots with site-dependent g-tensors

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MUTTER, Philipp, Guido BURKARD, 2021. g-tensor resonance in double quantum dots with site-dependent g-tensors. In: Materials for Quantum Technology. Institute of Physics Publishing (IOP). 1(1), 015003. eISSN 2633-4356. Available under: doi: 10.1088/2633-4356/ab9c3a

@article{Mutter2021-03-01gtens-51059, title={g-tensor resonance in double quantum dots with site-dependent g-tensors}, year={2021}, doi={10.1088/2633-4356/ab9c3a}, number={1}, volume={1}, journal={Materials for Quantum Technology}, author={Mutter, Philipp and Burkard, Guido}, note={Article Number: 015003} }

2020-09-28T12:33:44Z Pauli spin blockade (PSB) has long been an important tool for spin read-out in double quantum dot (DQD) systems with interdot tunneling t. In this paper we show that the blockade is lifted if the two dots experience distinct effective magnetic fields caused by site-dependent g-tensors gL and gR for the left and right dot, and that this effect can be more pronounced than the leakage current due to the spin orbit interaction (SOI) via spin-flip tunneling and the hyperfine interaction (HFI) of the electron spin with the host nuclear spins. Using analytical results obtained in special parameter regimes, we show that information about both the out-of-plane and in-plane g-factors of the dots can be inferred from characteristic features of the magneto-transport curve. For a symmetric DQD, we predict a pronounced maximum in the leakage current at the characteristic out-of-plane magnetic field B* = t / μ<sub>B</sub> √g<sub>z</sub><sup> L</sup> g<sub>z</sub> <sup>R</sup> which we term the g-tensor resonance of the system. Moreover, we extend the results to contain the effects of strong SOI and argue that in this more general case the leakage current carries information about the g-tensor components and SOI of the system. g-tensor resonance in double quantum dots with site-dependent g-tensors Attribution 4.0 International 2021-03-01 Mutter, Philipp Burkard, Guido Burkard, Guido Mutter, Philipp 2020-09-28T12:33:44Z eng

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