Strategic gaze : an interactive eye-tracking study

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HAUSFELD, Jan, Konstantin VON HESLER, Susanne GOLDLÜCKE, 2020. Strategic gaze : an interactive eye-tracking study. In: Experimental Economics. Springer. ISSN 1386-4157. eISSN 1573-6938. Available under: doi: 10.1007/s10683-020-09655-x

@article{Hausfeld2020-05-04Strat-49672, title={Strategic gaze : an interactive eye-tracking study}, year={2020}, doi={10.1007/s10683-020-09655-x}, issn={1386-4157}, journal={Experimental Economics}, author={Hausfeld, Jan and von Hesler, Konstantin and Goldlücke, Susanne} }

We present an interactive eye-tracking study that explores the strategic use of gaze. We analyze gaze behavior in an experiment with four simple games. The game can either be a competitive (hide & seek) game in which players want to be unpredictable, or a game of common interest in which players want to be predictable. Gaze is transmitted either in real time to another subject, or it is not transmitted and therefore non-strategic. We find that subjects are able to interpret non-strategic gaze, obtaining substantially higher payoffs than subjects who do not see gaze. If gaze is transmitted in real time, gaze becomes more informative in the common interest games and players predominantly succeed to coordinate on efficient outcomes. In contrast, gaze becomes less informative in the competitive game. Goldlücke, Susanne von Hesler, Konstantin eng 2020-05-27T09:19:16Z Hausfeld, Jan Strategic gaze : an interactive eye-tracking study Goldlücke, Susanne 2020-05-04 Hausfeld, Jan 2020-05-27T09:19:16Z von Hesler, Konstantin

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