Human MRP2 exports MC-LR but not the glutathione conjugate

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KAUR, Gurjot, Raphael FAHRNER, Valentin WITTMANN, Bruno STIEGER, Daniel R. DIETRICH, 2019. Human MRP2 exports MC-LR but not the glutathione conjugate. In: Chemico-Biological Interactions. 311, 108761. ISSN 0009-2797. eISSN 1872-7786. Available under: doi: 10.1016/j.cbi.2019.108761

@article{Kaur2019-09-25Human-47012, title={Human MRP2 exports MC-LR but not the glutathione conjugate}, year={2019}, doi={10.1016/j.cbi.2019.108761}, volume={311}, issn={0009-2797}, journal={Chemico-Biological Interactions}, author={Kaur, Gurjot and Fahrner, Raphael and Wittmann, Valentin and Stieger, Bruno and Dietrich, Daniel R.}, note={Article Number: 108761} }

Dietrich, Daniel R. Dietrich, Daniel R. 2019-09-24T09:40:08Z eng Wittmann, Valentin Wittmann, Valentin Kaur, Gurjot 2019-09-25 Kaur, Gurjot Fahrner, Raphael Stieger, Bruno Water contamination by cyanobacterial blooms is a worldwide health hazard to humans as well as livestock. Exposure to Microcystins (MCs), toxins produced by various cyanobacterial or blue green algae found in poorly treated drinking water or contaminated seafood such as fish or prawns are associated with hepatotoxicity, nephropathy and neurotoxicity and in extreme cases, death in humans. MC congeners, currently >240 known, differ dramatically in their uptake kinetics, i.e. their uptake via OATP1B1 and OATP1B3, in OATP overexpressing human HEK293 cells and primary human hepatocytes. It is thus likely that MC congeners will also differ with respect to the cellular efflux of the parent and conjugated congeners, e.g. via MRPs, MDRs, BCRP or BSEP. Consequently, the role and kinetics of different human efflux transporters - MRP, MDR, BCRP and BSEP in MC efflux was studied using insect membrane vesicles overexpressing the human transporters of interest. Of the efflux transporters investigated, MRP2 displayed MC transport. Michaelis-Menten kinetics displayed mild co-operativity and thus allosteric behavior of MRP2. MC transport by MRP2 was MC congener-specific, whereby MC-LF was transported more rapidly than MC-LR and -RR. Other human transporters (BCRP, BSEP, MRP1,3,5, MDR1) tested in this study did not exhibit interaction with MC. Although MRP2 showed specific MC transport, the MC-LR-GSH conjugate, was not transported suggesting the involvement of other transporters than MRP2 for the conjugate efflux. Stieger, Bruno Human MRP2 exports MC-LR but not the glutathione conjugate Fahrner, Raphael 2019-09-24T09:40:08Z

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