Size Invariance in Visual Pattern Recognition by Pigeons

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LOMBARDI, Celia M., Juan D. DELIUS, 1990. Size Invariance in Visual Pattern Recognition by Pigeons. In: COMMONS, Michael L., ed. and others. Behavioral approaches to pattern recognition and concept formation. Hillsdale, NJ:Erlbaum, pp. 41-65. ISBN 0-8058-0398-X. Available under: doi: 10.4324/9781315788999-3

@incollection{Lombardi1990Invar-46534, title={Size Invariance in Visual Pattern Recognition by Pigeons}, year={1990}, doi={10.4324/9781315788999-3}, number={8}, isbn={0-8058-0398-X}, address={Hillsdale, NJ}, publisher={Erlbaum}, series={Quantitative analyses of behavior}, booktitle={Behavioral approaches to pattern recognition and concept formation}, pages={41--65}, editor={Commons, Michael L.}, author={Lombardi, Celia M. and Delius, Juan D.} }

1990 Delius, Juan D. The visual recognition of objects and scenes plays a crucial role in the life of most higher animals, including humans. Many field studies document that the identification of items such as the home patch, the breeding site, the neighbor, the mate, and the offspring is essential for the survival and reproduction of many animals. Furthermore, the recognition of certain collections of scenes and objects as belonging to separate categories, as for example habitats, nesting sites, edibles, conspecifics, relations, or predators, has been demonstrated to be equally vital for higher animals. Indeed, it is already known thanks mainly to the efforts of the Harvard school that, besides humans, at least some vertebrates, and particularly pigeons, are capable of comparable recognition performances in controlled laboratory experiments. It is likely that this competence is not restricted to ecologically relevant stimuli, but that it also extends to at least some less natural stimuli (Cerella, 1982; Delius & Nowak, 1982; Herrnstein, 1985; Lea, 1984). Lombardi, Celia M. Size Invariance in Visual Pattern Recognition by Pigeons Lombardi, Celia M. eng 2019-07-25T13:50:54Z Delius, Juan D. 2019-07-25T13:50:54Z

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