Annexin A6 regulates interleukin-2-mediated T-cell proliferation

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CORNELY, Rhea, Abigail H. POLLOCK, Carles RENTERO, Sarah E. NORRIS, Anna ALVAREZ-GUAITA, Thomas GREWAL, Todd MITCHELL, Carlos ENRICH, Jérémie ROSSY, Katharina GAUS, 2016. Annexin A6 regulates interleukin-2-mediated T-cell proliferation. In: Immunology and Cell Biology. 94(6), pp. 543-553. ISSN 0004-945X. eISSN 1440-1711. Available under: doi: 10.1038/icb.2016.15

@article{Cornely2016Annex-43041, title={Annexin A6 regulates interleukin-2-mediated T-cell proliferation}, year={2016}, doi={10.1038/icb.2016.15}, number={6}, volume={94}, issn={0004-945X}, journal={Immunology and Cell Biology}, pages={543--553}, author={Cornely, Rhea and Pollock, Abigail H. and Rentero, Carles and Norris, Sarah E. and Alvarez-Guaita, Anna and Grewal, Thomas and Mitchell, Todd and Enrich, Carlos and Rossy, Jérémie and Gaus, Katharina} }

Mitchell, Todd Annexin A6 regulates interleukin-2-mediated T-cell proliferation Norris, Sarah E. Enrich, Carlos Grewal, Thomas Pollock, Abigail H. Rentero, Carles Cornely, Rhea 2018-08-09T09:30:37Z Mitchell, Todd Gaus, Katharina Pollock, Abigail H. Rossy, Jérémie Rossy, Jérémie Enrich, Carlos Annexin A6 (AnxA6) has been implicated in cell signalling by contributing to the organisation of the plasma membrane. Here we examined whether AnxA6 regulates signalling and proliferation in T cells. We used a contact hypersensitivity model to immune challenge wild-type (WT) and AnxA6<sup>-/-</sup> mice and found that the in vivo proliferation of CD4<sup>+</sup> T cells, but not CD8<sup>+</sup> T cells, was impaired in AnxA6<sup>-/-</sup> relative to WT mice. However, T-cell migration and signalling through the T-cell receptor ex vivo was similar between T cells isolated from AnxA6<sup>-/-</sup> and WT mice. In contrast, interleukin-2 (IL-2) signalling was reduced in AnxA6<sup>-/-</sup> compared with WT T cells. Further, AnxA6-deficient T cells had reduced membrane order and cholesterol levels. Taken together, our data suggest that AnxA6 regulates IL-2 homeostasis and sensitivity in T cells by sustaining a lipid raft-like membrane environment. Rentero, Carles Alvarez-Guaita, Anna 2018-08-09T09:30:37Z eng Alvarez-Guaita, Anna 2016 Gaus, Katharina Cornely, Rhea Grewal, Thomas Norris, Sarah E.

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