Geo Pixel Bar Charts

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HAO, Ming C., Daniel A. KEIM, Umeshwar DAYAL, Joern SCHNEIDEWIND, Peter WRIGHT, 2003. Geo Pixel Bar Charts. The 2003 IEEE Visualization Conference. Washington DC, USA, Oct 22, 2003 - Oct 24, 2003. In: Proceeding VIS '03 Proceedings of the 14th IEEE Visualization 2003. Washington, DC, USA:IEEE Computer Society, pp. 89. ISBN 0-7695-2030-8

@inproceedings{Hao2003Pixel-41037, title={Geo Pixel Bar Charts}, url={}, year={2003}, isbn={0-7695-2030-8}, address={Washington, DC, USA}, publisher={IEEE Computer Society}, booktitle={Proceeding VIS '03 Proceedings of the 14th IEEE Visualization 2003}, author={Hao, Ming C. and Keim, Daniel A. and Dayal, Umeshwar and Schneidewind, Joern and Wright, Peter} }

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