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Surfactant-Encapsulated Clusters (SECs): (DODA)<sub>20</sub>(NH<sub>4</sub>)[H<sub>3</sub>Mo<sub>57</sub>V<sub>6</sub>(NO)<sub>6</sub>O<sub>183</sub>(H<sub>2</sub>O)<sub>18</sub>], a Case Study

Surfactant-Encapsulated Clusters (SECs): (DODA)20(NH4)[H3Mo57V6(NO)6O183(H2O)18], a Case Study


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KURTH, Dirk G., Pit LEHMANN, Dirk VOLKMER, Helmut CÖLFEN, Michael J. KOOP, Achim MÜLLER, Alexander DU CHESNE, 2000. Surfactant-Encapsulated Clusters (SECs): (DODA)20(NH4)[H3Mo57V6(NO)6O183(H2O)18], a Case Study. In: Chemistry : A European Journal. 6(2), pp. 385-393. ISSN 0947-6539. eISSN 1521-3765. Available under: doi: 10.1002/(SICI)1521-3765(20000117)6:2<385::AID-CHEM385>3.0.CO;2-A

@article{Kurth2000Surfa-40697, title={Surfactant-Encapsulated Clusters (SECs): (DODA)20(NH4)[H3Mo57V6(NO)6O183(H2O)18], a Case Study}, year={2000}, doi={10.1002/(SICI)1521-3765(20000117)6:2<385::AID-CHEM385>3.0.CO;2-A}, number={2}, volume={6}, issn={0947-6539}, journal={Chemistry : A European Journal}, pages={385--393}, author={Kurth, Dirk G. and Lehmann, Pit and Volkmer, Dirk and Cölfen, Helmut and Koop, Michael J. and Müller, Achim and Du Chesne, Alexander} }

Koop, Michael J. Du Chesne, Alexander Du Chesne, Alexander Lehmann, Pit eng Lehmann, Pit Surfactant-Encapsulated Clusters (SECs): (DODA)<sub>20</sub>(NH<sub>4</sub>)[H<sub>3</sub>Mo<sub>57</sub>V<sub>6</sub>(NO)<sub>6</sub>O<sub>183</sub>(H<sub>2</sub>O)<sub>18</sub>], a Case Study Kurth, Dirk G. Cölfen, Helmut Volkmer, Dirk Koop, Michael J. Volkmer, Dirk 2000 Cölfen, Helmut Müller, Achim 2017-11-22T10:06:07Z Müller, Achim Kurth, Dirk G. 2017-11-22T10:06:07Z Replacement of the charge-balancing counter cations in the second coordination sphere of polyoxomolybdate 1 by cationic surfactants is a simple and facile method to fabricate surfactant-encapsulated clusters (SECs) with a well-defined supramolecular architecture. The resulting SEC is hydrophobic, can be spread at the air-water interface and forms remarkably ordered thin films.

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