Coherent multiple light scattering in Faraday active materials

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SCHERTEL, Lukas, Geoffroy J. AUBRY, Christof M. AEGERTER, Georg MARET, 2017. Coherent multiple light scattering in Faraday active materials. In: The European Physical Journal Special Topics. 226(7), pp. 1409-1421. ISSN 1951-6355. eISSN 1951-6401. Available under: doi: 10.1140/epjst/e2016-60239-5

@article{Schertel2017-05-25Coher-39326, title={Coherent multiple light scattering in Faraday active materials}, year={2017}, doi={10.1140/epjst/e2016-60239-5}, number={7}, volume={226}, issn={1951-6355}, journal={The European Physical Journal Special Topics}, pages={1409--1421}, author={Schertel, Lukas and Aubry, Geoffroy J. and Aegerter, Christof M. and Maret, Georg} }

Aegerter, Christof M. Wave propagation in multiple scattering media shows various kinds of coherent phenomena such as coherent backscattering [1, 2] or Anderson localization [3], both of which are intimately connected to the concept of reciprocity. Manipulating reciprocity in such media is a powerful tool to study these phenomena in experiments [4]. Here we discuss the manipulation of reciprocity in reflection and transmission geometry for the case of light propagation in magneto-optical media. We show new experiments on coherent backscattering and speckle correlations in strongly scattering samples containing Faraday active materials (CeF<sub>3</sub>) with transport mean free path in the μm range, at low temperatures (T < 10 K) and high fields (B = 18 T). Under such conditions we observe the effect of a Faraday rotation saturation in multiple scattering measurements. 2017-05-25 Schertel, Lukas Attribution 4.0 International Maret, Georg Aubry, Geoffroy J. Aegerter, Christof M. eng 2017-06-20T08:45:29Z Maret, Georg Coherent multiple light scattering in Faraday active materials 2017-06-20T08:45:29Z Schertel, Lukas Aubry, Geoffroy J.

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