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Crucial HSP70 co-chaperone complex unlocks metazoan protein disaggregation

Crucial HSP70 co-chaperone complex unlocks metazoan protein disaggregation

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NILLEGODA, Nadinath B., Janine KIRSTEIN, Anna SZLACHCIC, Mykhaylo BERYNSKYY, Antonia STANK, Florian STENGEL, Kristin ARNSBURG, Xuechao GAO, Annika SCIOR, Ruedi AEBERSOLD, D. Lys GUILBRIDE, Rebecca C. WADE, Richard I. MORIMOTO, Matthias P. MAYER, Bernd BUKAU, 2015. Crucial HSP70 co-chaperone complex unlocks metazoan protein disaggregation. In: Nature. 524(7564), pp. 247-251. ISSN 0028-0836. eISSN 1476-4687. Available under: doi: 10.1038/nature14884

@article{Nillegoda2015Cruci-32596, title={Crucial HSP70 co-chaperone complex unlocks metazoan protein disaggregation}, year={2015}, doi={10.1038/nature14884}, number={7564}, volume={524}, issn={0028-0836}, journal={Nature}, pages={247--251}, author={Nillegoda, Nadinath B. and Kirstein, Janine and Szlachcic, Anna and Berynskyy, Mykhaylo and Stank, Antonia and Stengel, Florian and Arnsburg, Kristin and Gao, Xuechao and Scior, Annika and Aebersold, Ruedi and Guilbride, D. Lys and Wade, Rebecca C. and Morimoto, Richard I. and Mayer, Matthias P. and Bukau, Bernd} }

Szlachcic, Anna Scior, Annika Aebersold, Ruedi Gao, Xuechao Berynskyy, Mykhaylo Kirstein, Janine Nillegoda, Nadinath B. Stengel, Florian Gao, Xuechao Stank, Antonia Morimoto, Richard I. Szlachcic, Anna Aebersold, Ruedi Mayer, Matthias P. Mayer, Matthias P. Arnsburg, Kristin Nillegoda, Nadinath B. Kirstein, Janine Bukau, Bernd 2015 Guilbride, D. Lys Crucial HSP70 co-chaperone complex unlocks metazoan protein disaggregation Wade, Rebecca C. Bukau, Bernd Protein aggregates are the hallmark of stressed and ageing cells, and characterize several pathophysiological states<sup>1, 2</sup>. Healthy metazoan cells effectively eliminate intracellular protein aggregates<sup>3, 4</sup>, indicating that efficient disaggregation and/or degradation mechanisms exist. However, metazoans lack the key heat-shock protein disaggregase HSP100 of non-metazoan HSP70-dependent protein disaggregation systems<sup>5, 6</sup>, and the human HSP70 system alone, even with the crucial HSP110 nucleotide exchange factor, has poor disaggregation activity in vitro<sup>4, 7</sup>. This unresolved conundrum is central to protein quality control biology. Here we show that synergic cooperation between complexed J-protein co-chaperones of classes A and B unleashes highly efficient protein disaggregation activity in human and nematode HSP70 systems. Metazoan mixed-class J-protein complexes are transient, involve complementary charged regions conserved in the J-domains and carboxy-terminal domains of each J-protein class, and are flexible with respect to subunit composition. Complex formation allows J-proteins to initiate transient higher order chaperone structures involving HSP70 and interacting nucleotide exchange factors. A network of cooperative class A and B J-protein interactions therefore provides the metazoan HSP70 machinery with powerful, flexible, and finely regulatable disaggregase activity and a further level of regulation crucial for cellular protein quality control. Arnsburg, Kristin terms-of-use Guilbride, D. Lys 2016-01-15T08:18:44Z Berynskyy, Mykhaylo eng Wade, Rebecca C. 2016-01-15T08:18:44Z Stengel, Florian Stank, Antonia Morimoto, Richard I. Scior, Annika

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