Transmediterranean History : Commented Anthology of Primary Sources

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Transmediterrane Geschichte : Kommentierte Quellenanthologie
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“Transmediterranean History” is a commented anthology of primary sources that aims at facilitating access to transmediterranean themes and their documentation roughly in the period between 600 and 1650. The anthology is published as a trilingual open access journal in German, English, and Arabic.

Contributions centre around a primary source excerpt that is presented in its original language and in translation. This excerpt is equipped with a tripartite commentary that follows certain standards. Part 1 furnishes details on issues of authorship and the larger work. Part 2 deals with the contents and context of quoted passage. Part 3 then contextualises, analyses, and interprets the excerpt within the wider thematical framework of transmediterranean relations. A list of the excerpt’s available editions and translations, a bibliography containing the cited literature and recommended readings as well as a list of keywords complement the commentary.


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