Neue H-Chelate mit dualer Fluoreszenz

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LIPPS, Jochen P., 2008. Neue H-Chelate mit dualer Fluoreszenz [Dissertation]. Konstanz: University of Konstanz. Göttingen : Cuvillier-Verl.. ISBN 978-3-86727-599-6

@phdthesis{Lipps2008HChel-9983, publisher={Göttingen : Cuvillier-Verl.}, title={Neue H-Chelate mit dualer Fluoreszenz}, year={2008}, author={Lipps, Jochen P.}, address={Konstanz}, school={Universität Konstanz} }

978-3-86727-599-6 Lipps, Jochen P. deu The reaction between 2-aminobenzaldehydes and 2-heteroarylacetonitrile derivatives results in 3-heteroaryl substituted 2-aminoquinolines, showing dual fluorescence after protonation.<br />In this PhD thesis, the dependence of intensity and spectral position of their fluorescence on variations of the heteroaromatic moeities have been systematically investigated. 2011-03-24T18:15:44Z 2008 terms-of-use Lipps, Jochen P. 2011-03-24T18:15:44Z application/pdf Novel H-chelates exhibiting dual fluorescence Neue H-Chelate mit dualer Fluoreszenz Göttingen : Cuvillier-Verl.

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