Emulsion polymerization of butadiene with a cationic nickel catalyst


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KORTHALS, Brigitte, Stefan MECKING, 2008. Emulsion polymerization of butadiene with a cationic nickel catalyst. In: Polymer Preprints. 49, pp. 328

@article{Korthals2008Emuls-9976, title={Emulsion polymerization of butadiene with a cationic nickel catalyst}, year={2008}, volume={49}, journal={Polymer Preprints}, author={Korthals, Brigitte and Mecking, Stefan} }

eng Polymer dispersions are produced on a large scale, e.g. for coatings and paints. They are usually manufactured by free-radical emulsion polymerization. One of the major monomers is butadiene (BD), which is readily available from cracking of hydrocarbon feedstocks.<br />The versatility of butadiene insertion (1,2, 1,4-trans, or 1,4-cis) in prinicple allows for the synthesis of polymers with various and controlled microstructures and therefore very different materials. However, by freeradical polymerization polybutadiene (PBD) dispersions with only a very limited range of microstructures are accessible. BD is typically incorporated as 14 % cis-1,4; 69 % trans-1,4 and 17 % 1,2- (vinyl) units. Coordination polymerization can allow for a much broader microstructure control. Cationic nickel(II) complexes are known to polymerize butadiene in organic solvents. 1,2-incorporation is low and the cis/trans ratio depends on the nature of the coordinating ligand and the counterion. 2011-03-24T18:15:42Z Korthals, Brigitte Mecking, Stefan 2008 Korthals, Brigitte 2011-03-24T18:15:42Z terms-of-use First publ. in: Polymer Preprints 49 (2008), p. 328 Emulsion polymerization of butadiene with a cationic nickel catalyst Mecking, Stefan application/pdf

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