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Magnetic field and spin effects from sequential p-type and d-type triplet mechanisms

Magnetic field and spin effects from sequential p-type and d-type triplet mechanisms


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KATSUKI, Akio, Yasuhiro KOBORI, Shozo TERO-KUBOTA, Sergey MILIKISYANTS, H. PAUL, Ulrich STEINER, 2002. Magnetic field and spin effects from sequential p-type and d-type triplet mechanisms. In: Molecular Physics. 100(8), pp. 1245-1259. ISSN 0026-8976. eISSN 1362-3028

@article{Katsuki2002Magne-9566, title={Magnetic field and spin effects from sequential p-type and d-type triplet mechanisms}, year={2002}, doi={10.1080/00268970110113579}, number={8}, volume={100}, issn={0026-8976}, journal={Molecular Physics}, pages={1245--1259}, author={Katsuki, Akio and Kobori, Yasuhiro and Tero-Kubota, Shozo and Milikisyants, Sergey and Paul, H. and Steiner, Ulrich} }

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