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Steam laser cleaning of silicon surfaces : laser-induced gas bubble nucleation and efficiency measurements

Steam laser cleaning of silicon surfaces : laser-induced gas bubble nucleation and efficiency measurements


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LEIDERER, Paul, Mario MOSBACHER, Volker DOBLER, Andreas SCHILLING, Oğuz YAVAṢ, Boris S. LUK'JANCUK, Johannes BONEBERG, 2002. Steam laser cleaning of silicon surfaces : laser-induced gas bubble nucleation and efficiency measurements. In: LUK'YANCHUK, Boris, ed.. Laser Cleaning. New Jersey:World Scientific, pp. 255-310

@incollection{Leiderer2002Steam-9444, title={Steam laser cleaning of silicon surfaces : laser-induced gas bubble nucleation and efficiency measurements}, year={2002}, address={New Jersey}, publisher={World Scientific}, booktitle={Laser Cleaning}, pages={255--310}, editor={Luk'yanchuk, Boris}, author={Leiderer, Paul and Mosbacher, Mario and Dobler, Volker and Schilling, Andreas and Yavaṣ, Oğuz and Luk'jancuk, Boris S. and Boneberg, Johannes} }

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