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Matter and Elementary Particles : Interactions and Qualities

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BEZARES RODER, Nils Manuel, 2005. Matter and Elementary Particles : Interactions and Qualities

@unpublished{BezaresRoder2005Matte-9391, title={Matter and Elementary Particles : Interactions and Qualities}, year={2005}, author={Bezares Roder, Nils Manuel} }

The elementary interactions of nature are discussed, based on the structure of the atom. Elementary particles are categorized by their qualities, especially their spin and statistics, but as well charge and compound forms among others. The connection to CP-behaviour and the different elementary interactions are discussed, as well as some open questions and ideas in modern elementary particle physics.<br />The modern physical understanding of matter is reviewed, parting from Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity as well, so to categorize the known types of particles, be it within bosonic and fermionic type or sub-categories that are interrelated with each other. For this, the mechanism for generation of mass, as well as parity-breakdown and symmetries are discussed within the problem of the elementary interactions of nature and the fundamental particles and some of their consequences for astrophysics and unifications. Bezares Roder, Nils Manuel eng Matter and Elementary Particles : Interactions and Qualities Bezares Roder, Nils Manuel application/pdf 2011-03-24T17:56:08Z 2011-03-24T17:56:08Z 2005 terms-of-use

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