Schmelzpunktbestimmung von Indium-Nanostrukturen auf Wolframdiselenid

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MAIER, Andreas, 1998. Schmelzpunktbestimmung von Indium-Nanostrukturen auf Wolframdiselenid [Master thesis]

@mastersthesis{Maier1998Schme-9294, title={Schmelzpunktbestimmung von Indium-Nanostrukturen auf Wolframdiselenid}, year={1998}, author={Maier, Andreas} }

2011-03-24T17:55:15Z Nanostructures can be produced using a self-organization mechanism. By depositing indium or gold (approximately 1<br />monolayer) on a dichalcogenide (0001)-surface (WSe2, WS2 or ReS2), one produces islands with a well-defined size<br />distribution. The mean island size can be adjusted within a relatively large range by varying the deposition rate and the substrate<br />temperature.<br /><br />This diploma thesis reports on experiments on these indium nanostructures to determine the size distribution by STM and, in<br />situ, the melting point by PAC spectroscopy. The isotope 111In was used as a radioactive PAC probe in these experiments.<br />The influence of island size on the melting temperature and on observed supercooling effects can be studied in this system<br />because of the well-defined size distribution of the islands. Experiments reported in this thesis showed a melting point<br />degradation of 4 K and a supercooling of 8 K for a mean island size of 100 nm. terms-of-use deu Schmelzpunktbestimmung von Indium-Nanostrukturen auf Wolframdiselenid 1998 application/pdf Maier, Andreas Maier, Andreas 2011-03-24T17:55:15Z

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