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Patterning of YBCO thin films by ion implantation and magneto-optical investigations

Patterning of YBCO thin films by ion implantation and magneto-optical investigations


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KUHN, Marcus, Bernd SCHEY, Ralph KLARMANN, Wolfgang BIEGEL, Bernd STRITZKER, Johannes EISENMENGER, Paul LEIDERER, 1997. Patterning of YBCO thin films by ion implantation and magneto-optical investigations. In: Physica / C [Superconductivity and its applications]. 249(1-2), pp. 1-6

@article{Kuhn1997Patte-9158, title={Patterning of YBCO thin films by ion implantation and magneto-optical investigations}, year={1997}, doi={10.1016/S0921-4534(97)01779-6}, number={1-2}, volume={249}, journal={Physica / C [Superconductivity and its applications]}, pages={1--6}, author={Kuhn, Marcus and Schey, Bernd and Klarmann, Ralph and Biegel, Wolfgang and Stritzker, Bernd and Eisenmenger, Johannes and Leiderer, Paul} }

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