Glättung von Oberflächen mittels Clustersputtern


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GERHARDT, Peter Wenzel, 2000. Glättung von Oberflächen mittels Clustersputtern [Master thesis]

@mastersthesis{Gerhardt2000Glatt-9027, title={Glättung von Oberflächen mittels Clustersputtern}, year={2000}, author={Gerhardt, Peter Wenzel} }

2011-03-24T17:52:58Z 2011-03-24T17:52:58Z terms-of-use Surface smoothing by cluster ion bombardment Gerhardt, Peter Wenzel deu Gerhardt, Peter Wenzel application/pdf We investigated how sputtering with carbon dioxide cluster<br />cations changes the topography of silicon wafers. The roughness of<br />the silicon wafer depends on the cluster ion size, the cluster ion<br />dose and the cluster ion energy.<br /><br />Commercially available polished silicon wafers have a roughness of Rms<br />0.23 +/- 0,02 nm. A decrease of this value is possible by cluster ion<br />sputtering. On the other hand the roughness is increased if there are<br />atomic ions present in the cluster ion beam.<br /><br />The sputter-yield does not show a dependence on the admixture of<br />atomic ions. We found a threshold dose before any sputter-yield was<br />detected. This threshold dose can be explained with<br />the presence of a silicon oxide layer on the silicon wafer.<br /><br />For further characterization the PSD spectra of different samples were<br />compared. The surfaces of the unsputtered and the smoothed<br />silicon wafer exhibit a 'fractal' structure. The samples with<br />increased roughness show a 'conventional' character. Glättung von Oberflächen mittels Clustersputtern 2000

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