Genomic analysis of cichlid fish 'natural mutants'


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KURAKU, Shigehiro, Axel MEYER, 2008. Genomic analysis of cichlid fish 'natural mutants'. In: Current Opinion in Genetics & Development. 18(6), pp. 551-558. ISSN 0959-437X. eISSN 1879-0380. Available under: doi: 10.1016/j.gde.2008.11.002

@article{Kuraku2008Genom-8580, title={Genomic analysis of cichlid fish 'natural mutants'}, year={2008}, doi={10.1016/j.gde.2008.11.002}, number={6}, volume={18}, issn={0959-437X}, journal={Current Opinion in Genetics & Development}, pages={551--558}, author={Kuraku, Shigehiro and Meyer, Axel} }

In the lakes of East Africa, cichlid fishes have formed adaptive radiations that are each composed of hundreds of endemic, morphologically stunningly diverse, but genetically extremely similar species. In the past 20 years, it became clear that their extreme phenotypic diversity arose within very short time spans, and that phenotypically radically different species are exceptionally similar genetically; hence, they could be considered to be 'natural mutants'. Many species can be hybridized and, therefore, provide a unique opportunity to study the genetic underpinnings of phenotypic diversification. Comparative large-scale genomic analyses are beginning to unravel the patterns and processes that led to the formation of the cichlid species flocks. Cichlids are an emerging evolutionary genomic model system for fundamental questions on the origin of phenotypic diversity. First publ. in: Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 18 (2008), 6, pp. 551 558 application/pdf Genomic analysis of cichlid fish 'natural mutants' Meyer, Axel 2011-03-24T17:44:50Z 2008 Kuraku, Shigehiro terms-of-use 2011-03-24T17:44:50Z eng Meyer, Axel Kuraku, Shigehiro

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