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Regulation of IL-2 expression by transcription factor BACH2 in umbilical cord blood CD4+ T cells

Regulation of IL-2 expression by transcription factor BACH2 in umbilical cord blood CD4+ T cells


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LESNIEWSKI, Mathew L., Peter HAVIERNIK, Patrick R. WEITZEL, Suzanne KADEREIT, Margaret M. KOZIK, Laura R. FANNING, Yu-Chung YANG, Yael HEGERFELDT, Marcie R. FINNEY, Mariuz Z. RATAJCZAK, Nicholas J. GRECO, Pascale PAUL, Jaroslaw MACIEJEWSKI, Mary J. LAUGHLIN, 2008. Regulation of IL-2 expression by transcription factor BACH2 in umbilical cord blood CD4+ T cells. In: Leukemia. 22(12), pp. 2201-2207. ISSN 0887-6924. eISSN 1476-5551

@article{Lesniewski2008Regul-8403, title={Regulation of IL-2 expression by transcription factor BACH2 in umbilical cord blood CD4+ T cells}, year={2008}, doi={10.1038/leu.2008.234}, number={12}, volume={22}, issn={0887-6924}, journal={Leukemia}, pages={2201--2207}, author={Lesniewski, Mathew L. and Haviernik, Peter and Weitzel, Patrick R. and Kadereit, Suzanne and Kozik, Margaret M. and Fanning, Laura R. and Yang, Yu-Chung and Hegerfeldt, Yael and Finney, Marcie R. and Ratajczak, Mariuz Z. and Greco, Nicholas J. and Paul, Pascale and Maciejewski, Jaroslaw and Laughlin, Mary J.} }

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