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Fibroblast migration after myocardial infarction is regulated by transient SPARC expression

Fibroblast migration after myocardial infarction is regulated by transient SPARC expression


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WU, Rongxue, Martin LASER, Hong HAN, Jeeva VARADARAJULU, Kai SCHUH, Matthias HALLHUBER, Kai HU, Georg ERTL, Christof R. HAUCK, Oliver RITTER, 2006. Fibroblast migration after myocardial infarction is regulated by transient SPARC expression. In: Journal of Molecular Medicine. 84(3), pp. 241-252. ISSN 0946-2716. eISSN 1432-1440

@article{Wu2006Fibro-7873, title={Fibroblast migration after myocardial infarction is regulated by transient SPARC expression}, year={2006}, doi={10.1007/s00109-005-0026-0}, number={3}, volume={84}, issn={0946-2716}, journal={Journal of Molecular Medicine}, pages={241--252}, author={Wu, Rongxue and Laser, Martin and Han, Hong and Varadarajulu, Jeeva and Schuh, Kai and Hallhuber, Matthias and Hu, Kai and Ertl, Georg and Hauck, Christof R. and Ritter, Oliver} }

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