NSF regulates membrane traffic along multiple pathways in Paramecium


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KISSMEHL, Roland, Marine FROISSARD, Helmut PLATTNER, Massoud MOMAYEZI, Jean COHEN, 2002. NSF regulates membrane traffic along multiple pathways in Paramecium. In: Journal of Cell Science. 115(20), pp. 3935-3946. ISSN 0021-9533. eISSN 1477-9137

@article{Kissmehl2002regul-7804, title={NSF regulates membrane traffic along multiple pathways in Paramecium}, year={2002}, doi={10.1242/​jcs.00079}, number={20}, volume={115}, issn={0021-9533}, journal={Journal of Cell Science}, pages={3935--3946}, author={Kissmehl, Roland and Froissard, Marine and Plattner, Helmut and Momayezi, Massoud and Cohen, Jean} }

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