Rust Basidiospore Germlings and Disease Initiation

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GOLD, Randall E., Kurt MENDGEN, 1991. Rust Basidiospore Germlings and Disease Initiation. In: COLE, G. T., ed., C. HOCH, ed.. The Fungal Spore and Disease Initiation in Plants and Animals. New York:Plenum, pp. 67-99

@incollection{Gold1991Basid-7443, title={Rust Basidiospore Germlings and Disease Initiation}, year={1991}, address={New York}, publisher={Plenum}, booktitle={The Fungal Spore and Disease Initiation in Plants and Animals}, pages={67--99}, editor={Cole, G. T. and Hoch, C.}, author={Gold, Randall E. and Mendgen, Kurt} }

eng Mendgen, Kurt Mendgen, Kurt 2011-03-24T17:34:28Z Rust Basidiospore Germlings and Disease Initiation The rust fungi are potentially dangerous plant disease organisms. Infections caused by dikaryotic urediniospores play a major role in limiting agricultural production. Consequently, research has focused on infections of this type and has been the central theme of numerous reviews (Littlefield and Heath, 1979; Bushnell and Roelfs, 1984; Mendgen et al., 1988; Hoch and Staples, this volume). Research on basidiospores and basidiospore-derived infections has received significantly less attention. This may be partially due to their lesser economic importance, but is also a result of the lack of reliable methods to activate teliospore germination, and therefore basidiospore production, of agriculturally important rusts (Petersen, 1974; Mendgen, 1984).<br />This chapter builds upon existing brief reviews of basidiospore germination (Petersen, 1974; Mendgen, 1984), host penetration (Littlefield and Heath, 1979), and the morphology of intracellular structures (Harder and Chong, 1984). Our approach relies on a comprehensive illustration of the events and structures important in the initiation of basidiospore-derived infections. application/pdf Gold, Randall E. 2011-03-24T17:34:28Z First publ. in: The Fungal Spore and Disease Initiation in Plants and Animals. Ed. by G. T. Cole and C. Hoch. New York: Plenum, 1991, pp. 67-99 Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic Gold, Randall E. 1991

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