Low genetic variability in the Hawaiian monk seal


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KRETZMANN, Maria B., William G. GILMARTIN, Axel MEYER, Gerard P. ZEGERS, Steven R. FAIN, Bruce F. TAYLOR, Daniel P. COSTA, 1997. Low genetic variability in the Hawaiian monk seal. In: Conservation Biology. 11(2), pp. 482-490. ISSN 0888-8892. eISSN 1523-1739

@article{Kretzmann1997genet-7141, title={Low genetic variability in the Hawaiian monk seal}, year={1997}, number={2}, volume={11}, issn={0888-8892}, journal={Conservation Biology}, pages={482--490}, author={Kretzmann, Maria B. and Gilmartin, William G. and Meyer, Axel and Zegers, Gerard P. and Fain, Steven R. and Taylor, Bruce F. and Costa, Daniel P.} }

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