Übungen zur Mathematik für Chemiker

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MAETZKE, Jürgen, 2003. Übungen zur Mathematik für Chemiker. 2., überarb. Aufl.

@book{Maetzke2003Ubung-693, title={Übungen zur Mathematik für Chemiker}, year={2003}, edition={2., überarb. Aufl.}, author={Maetzke, Jürgen} }

Maetzke, Jürgen application/pdf Maetzke, Jürgen Übungen zur Mathematik für Chemiker This collection of exercises has been designed as a supplement to the course ´Mathematics for Chemistry`. The solved problems are to serve to illustrade the theory, bring into sharp focus those points, without which the student continually feels himself on unsafe ground.<br />Topics covered include basics of calculus and linear algebra, such as convergence of series and functions, differentiation and intergration in one and more variables, differential equations and systems of linear differential equations, vector product, inner product and orthogonality, matrices and linear mappings, determinants, eigenvalues. 2011-03-22T17:45:31Z 2011-03-22T17:45:31Z terms-of-use deu 2003

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