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Crystal Structure of a Phycourobilin-Containing Phycoerythrin at 1.90-Å Resolution

Crystal Structure of a Phycourobilin-Containing Phycoerythrin at 1.90-Å Resolution


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RITTER, Stephan, Roger G. HILLER, Pamela M. WRENCH, Wolfram WELTE, Kay DIEDERICHS, 1999. Crystal Structure of a Phycourobilin-Containing Phycoerythrin at 1.90-Å Resolution. In: Journal of Structural Biology. 126(2), pp. 86-97. ISSN 1047-8477

@article{Ritter1999Cryst-6862, title={Crystal Structure of a Phycourobilin-Containing Phycoerythrin at 1.90-Å Resolution}, year={1999}, doi={10.1006/jsbi.1999.4106}, number={2}, volume={126}, issn={1047-8477}, journal={Journal of Structural Biology}, pages={86--97}, author={Ritter, Stephan and Hiller, Roger G. and Wrench, Pamela M. and Welte, Wolfram and Diederichs, Kay} }

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