Efficient Buffer Management for Scalable Media-on-Demand


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WALDVOGEL, Marcel, Wei DENG, Ramaprabhu JANAKIRAMAN, 2003. Efficient Buffer Management for Scalable Media-on-Demand. Electronic Imaging 2003. Santa Clara, CA. In: RAJKUMAR, Ragunathan, ed.. Multimedia Computing and Networking 2003. SPIE, pp. 192-199. Available under: doi: 10.1117/12.483912

@inproceedings{Waldvogel2003-01-20Effic-6418, title={Efficient Buffer Management for Scalable Media-on-Demand}, year={2003}, doi={10.1117/12.483912}, number={5019}, publisher={SPIE}, series={SPIE Proceedings}, booktitle={Multimedia Computing and Networking 2003}, pages={192--199}, editor={Rajkumar, Ragunathan}, author={Waldvogel, Marcel and Deng, Wei and Janakiraman, Ramaprabhu} }

application/pdf First publ. in: Proc. of SPIE Conference on Multimedia Computing and Networking 2003 (MMCN 2003), Jan. 29-31, 2003, Santa Clara, CA Efficient Buffer Management for Scalable Media-on-Demand Waldvogel, Marcel Janakiraman, Ramaprabhu 2011-03-24T16:12:36Z terms-of-use Widespread availability of high-speed networks and fast, cheap computation have rendered high-quality Media-on-Demand (MoD) feasible. Research on scalable MoD has resulted in many efficient schemes that involve segmentation and asynchronous broadcast of media data, requiring clients to buffer and reorder out-of-order segments efficiently for serial playout.<br />In such schemes, buffer space requirements run to several hundred megabytes and hence require efficient buffer management techniques involving both primary memory and secondary storage: while disk sizes have increased exponentially, access speeds have not kept pace at all.<br />The conversion of out-of-order arrival to in-order playout suggests the use of external memory priority queues, but their content-agnostic nature prevents them from performing well under MoD loads. In this paper, we propose and evaluate a series of simple heuristic schemes which, in simulation studies and in combination with our scalable MoD scheme, achieve significant improvements in storage performance over existing schemes. 2003-01-20 Deng, Wei Waldvogel, Marcel Janakiraman, Ramaprabhu 2011-03-24T16:12:36Z eng Deng, Wei

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