Synthetic Holograms of Splines


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RITTER, Alf, Thomas BENZIGER, Oliver DEUSSEN, Thomas STROTHOTTE, Hubert WAGENER, 1997. Synthetic Holograms of Splines. 3D image analysis and synthesis. Erlangen, 1997. In: Proceedings, 3D image analysis and synthesis, Erlangen, 1997

@inproceedings{Ritter1997Synth-6342, title={Synthetic Holograms of Splines}, year={1997}, booktitle={Proceedings, 3D image analysis and synthesis, Erlangen, 1997}, author={Ritter, Alf and Benziger, Thomas and Deussen, Oliver and Strothotte, Thomas and Wagener, Hubert} }

application/pdf Wagener, Hubert 2011-03-24T16:11:36Z Deussen, Oliver Strothotte, Thomas 2011-03-24T16:11:36Z Ritter, Alf First publ. in: Proceedings / 3D image analysis and synthesis, Erlangen, 1997 Synthetic Holograms of Splines terms-of-use In this paper we present an approach for the holographic imaging of objects composed of splines. It is based on an imaging method for lines and extended to fit the requirements for the visualization of 3D curves. The input object consisting of splines is decomposed into line segments. These segments are subsequently transferred into the holographic equivalent a set of textured rectangles appropriately placed in 3D space. Proper rectangle orientation and texture distortion allow a narrow approximation of holographic patterns generated by cylindrical and conical waves.<br />Our approach allows faster hologram generation compared to traditional methods. We employ computer graphics rendering, exploiting hardware support for the rendering of textured geometry. Deussen, Oliver eng Wagener, Hubert Ritter, Alf Strothotte, Thomas Benziger, Thomas Benziger, Thomas 1997

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