Do manifolds have little symmetry?


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PUPPE, Volker, 2002. Do manifolds have little symmetry?

@unpublished{Puppe2002manif-6288, title={Do manifolds have little symmetry?}, year={2002}, author={Puppe, Volker} }

Certain aspects of the following problem started by F. Raymond and R. Schultz are discussed.<br />"It is generally felt that a manifold 'chosen at random' will have very little symmetry. Can this intuitive notion be made more precise? In connection with this intuitive feeling, we have the following specific question.<br />Question. Does there exist a closed simply connected manifold, on which no finite group acts effectively? (a weaker question, no involution?)" Do manifolds have little symmetry? Puppe, Volker application/pdf 2002 terms-of-use eng 2011-03-24T16:11:10Z 2011-03-24T16:11:10Z Puppe, Volker

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