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BALZER, Michael, Oliver DEUSSEN, 2005. Voronoi Treemaps. IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization, 2005. INFOVIS 2005.. Minneapolis, MN, USA. In: IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization, 2005. INFOVIS 2005.. IEEE, pp. 49-56. ISBN 0-7803-9464-X. Available under: doi: 10.1109/INFVIS.2005.1532128

@inproceedings{Balzer2005Voron-6212, title={Voronoi Treemaps}, year={2005}, doi={10.1109/INFVIS.2005.1532128}, isbn={0-7803-9464-X}, publisher={IEEE}, booktitle={IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization, 2005. INFOVIS 2005.}, pages={49--56}, author={Balzer, Michael and Deussen, Oliver} }

2011-03-24T16:10:15Z unknown application/pdf 2011-03-24T16:10:15Z Voronoi Treemaps 2005 eng Deussen, Oliver Balzer, Michael First publ. in: Proceedings / IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization (InfoVis 05), 2005 , pp. 49-56 Balzer, Michael Deussen, Oliver Treemaps are a well-known method for the visualization of attributed hierarchical data. Previously proposed Treemap layout algorithms are limited to rectangular shapes, which causes problems with the aspect ratio of the rectangles as well as with identifying the visualized hierarchical structure. The approach of Voronoi<br />Treemaps presented in this paper eliminates these problems through enabling subdivisions of and in polygons. Additionally, this allows for creating Treemap visualizations within areas of arbitrary shape, such as triangles and circles, thereby enabling a more flexible adaptation of Treemaps for a wider range of applications. terms-of-use

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