Hardware-based rendering of full-parallax synthetic holograms


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RITTER, Alf, Joachim BÖTTGER, Oliver DEUSSEN, Matthias KÖNIG, Thomas STROTHOTTE, 1999. Hardware-based rendering of full-parallax synthetic holograms. In: Applied Optics. 38(8), pp. 1364-1369. ISSN 0003-6935. eISSN 1539-4522. Available under: doi: 10.1364/AO.38.001364

@article{Ritter1999Hardw-6100, title={Hardware-based rendering of full-parallax synthetic holograms}, year={1999}, doi={10.1364/AO.38.001364}, number={8}, volume={38}, issn={0003-6935}, journal={Applied Optics}, pages={1364--1369}, author={Ritter, Alf and Böttger, Joachim and Deussen, Oliver and König, Matthias and Strothotte, Thomas} }

Hardware-based rendering of full-parallax synthetic holograms 2011-03-24T16:09:33Z König, Matthias First publ. in: Applied Optics, 38 (1999), 8, pp. 1364-1369 Böttger, Joachim Deussen, Oliver application/pdf eng König, Matthias terms-of-use Ritter, Alf 2011-03-24T16:09:33Z We present a method for efficently calculating the interference of complex-valued<br />two-dimensional wave patterns which is usefull during the generation of synthetic holograms. These patterns are represented as special kind of images (textures), the interference is calculated in a computer graphics rendering process. This enables us to leverage hardware support for holographic imaging which is implemented in many state-of-the-art computer workstations. Using this approach we gain a speed-up of 60 to 90 compared to conventional calculation methods for interfering wave patterns. Our method is evaluated numerically, examples are shown and the program code is outlined. Strothotte, Thomas Strothotte, Thomas Böttger, Joachim Deussen, Oliver 1999 Ritter, Alf

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