Timoshenko systems with indefinite damping

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MUÑOZ RIVERA, Jaime E., Reinhard RACKE, 2007. Timoshenko systems with indefinite damping

@techreport{MunozRivera2007Timos-609, series={Konstanzer Schriften in Mathematik und Informatik}, title={Timoshenko systems with indefinite damping}, year={2007}, number={230}, author={Muñoz Rivera, Jaime E. and Racke, Reinhard} }

Racke, Reinhard Muñoz Rivera, Jaime E. Timoshenko systems with indefinite damping We consider the Timoshenko system in a bounded domain $(0,L)\subset{\Bbb R}^1$. The system has an indefinite damping mechanism, i.e. with a damping function $a=a(x)$ possibly changing sign, present only in the equation for the rotation angle. We shall prove that the system is still exponentially stable under the same conditions as in the positive constant damping case, and provided $\overline{a}=\int_0^La(x)\;dx>0$ and $\|a-\overline{a}\|_{L^2} Racke, Reinhard 2007 Muñoz Rivera, Jaime E. eng 2011-03-22T17:45:13Z 2011-03-22T17:45:13Z Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic application/pdf

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