Iterative XQuery Anfrageverarbeitung in BaseX


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STRATMANN, Dennis, 2010. Iterative XQuery Anfrageverarbeitung in BaseX [Bachelor thesis]

@mastersthesis{Stratmann2010Itera-6026, title={Iterative XQuery Anfrageverarbeitung in BaseX}, year={2010}, author={Stratmann, Dennis} }

With the growing use of the XML data format as well as the increasing size of the XML documents itself, native XML databases become more and more interesting to query the stored information more efficiently.<br />This thesis is dedicated to the iterative Query processing concept for XQuery requests. This concept will be highlighted both theoretically and the practical implementation in the BaseX XQuery processor. It has the advantages of theoretical constant memory consumption as well as partial better performance compared to the traditional DOM-based approach. But it can t be used in all situations, because of the so called blocking operators, which makes this concept impossible. deu application/pdf terms-of-use Stratmann, Dennis 2011-03-24T16:08:49Z Iterative XQuery Anfrageverarbeitung in BaseX 2010 Stratmann, Dennis 2011-03-24T16:08:49Z Iterative Query Processing in BaseX

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