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Enhanced Visualization of Landscapes and Environmental Data with Three-Dimensional Sketches

Enhanced Visualization of Landscapes and Environmental Data with Three-Dimensional Sketches

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COCONU, Liviu Marius, 2008. Enhanced Visualization of Landscapes and Environmental Data with Three-Dimensional Sketches [Dissertation]. Konstanz: University of Konstanz

@phdthesis{Coconu2008Enhan-5923, title={Enhanced Visualization of Landscapes and Environmental Data with Three-Dimensional Sketches}, year={2008}, author={Coconu, Liviu Marius}, address={Konstanz}, school={Universität Konstanz} }

3D-Landschaftsskizzen und Umweltvisualisierung 2008 Computer-aided landscape visualization has emerged as a viable alternative to traditional representations and media, due to its ability to convey and transmit environment knowledge and development goals in a more direct and comprehensible fashion, especially for lay people. However, the available, photorealism-based computer graphics techniques suffer from limitations that prevent a wide acceptance in practice.<br />The goal of this work has been the research and development of a set of novel computer graphics techniques for the automatic, GIS(Geographical Information Systems)-based visualization of vegetation, complex landscapes as well as environmental data. The core of the system are customizable three-dimensional, non-photorealistic real-time representations (interactive sketches). In contrast to conventional renderings, an interactive sketch should be capable of conveying a quickly understandable impression of a landscape from a walking perspective, as well as the selective focus on certain aspects, like factors of environment pollution.<br />The choice of sketch as medium is not arbitrary: hand-drawn sketches have been traditionally the instrument of choice for landscape professionals. The computer graphics techniques developed in this work cope with traditional media and add the real-time capability, coherence as well as seamless control over abstraction degree and combination of different sketchy visual elements (contours and silhouettes, different leaf representations and sizes, hatch strokes, light and shadows) with photorealism. The user is thus able to control the rendering style by merely adjusting some parameters in a continuous space across both photorealism and different sketchy styles and interactively navigate through complex landscapes. The new visualization paradigm has been embedded into a landscape visualization software system, Lenne3D.<br />User control has also been extended in another dimension: with suitable data structures (vegetation layers) it is possible to assign separate parameter sets to different parts of the scene and thus combine different rendering styles in the same view as needed (for example, current state of a landscape could be photorealistic and the planned state sketchy). Its also possible to change the style interactively during the navigation in the environment. This comes to address the identified needs for flexibility of potential users.<br />One important benefit of sketchy landscape rendering is the possibility to map abstract data onto the landscape and incorporate it in the rendition. The control over the degree of abstraction makes it possible to obtain suitable rendering styles that leave enough place for additional data to be rendered in the same view. This feature has also been explored as it is of great interest in many application fields where data obtained from ecosystem simulation, measurements, etc. needs to be visualized in a meaningful fashion - related to the underlying landscape model.<br />On a higher level, the newly developed algorithms should endorse the repertoire of landscapes planners and architects, as well as provide suitable media for planing and environment information communication. The system offers the required flexibility for the estimation and verification of the suitability of interactive sketches in practice. Coconu, Liviu Marius 2011-03-24T16:01:24Z application/pdf terms-of-use 2011-03-24T16:01:24Z Coconu, Liviu Marius eng Enhanced Visualization of Landscapes and Environmental Data with Three-Dimensional Sketches

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