Reflection Patterns in the Context of Object and Component Technology


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ALTHAMMER, Egbert, 2001. Reflection Patterns in the Context of Object and Component Technology [Dissertation]. Konstanz: University of Konstanz

@phdthesis{Althammer2001Refle-5848, title={Reflection Patterns in the Context of Object and Component Technology}, year={2001}, author={Althammer, Egbert}, address={Konstanz}, school={Universität Konstanz} }

The thesis deals with reflection in the context of object technology and<br />in the context of component technology. With object technology we intend<br />the object paradigm and object-oriented concepts such as design<br />patterns and frameworks; with component technology we intend the<br />development and employment of software components. The expression<br />in the title, reflection patterns , describes the two central goals of<br />the thesis and thus has two different meanings: first it means the enhancement<br />of existing patterns (the design patterns) with reflection<br />and second it means the development of new patterns for reflection to<br />facilitate the reuse of components.<br />The first part of the thesis discusses the theoretical foundations of<br />reflection and sets the focus to Java and its reflective extensions.<br />The second part makes pragmatic considerations for the above denoted<br />issues by hands of concrete case studies. For the first issue<br />which consists of the examination of the employment of reflection for<br />design patterns and frameworks we obtain the following results: it can<br />be proven that depending on the type of patterns that are used and on<br />the way in which they are used, certain reflective techniques can be<br />systematically employed.<br />The second issue which describes the employment of reflection in<br />the realm of component technology is examined by hands of concrete<br />case studies from projects of our group as well as existing applications<br />in Java. The results are twofold: first we obtain general reflection<br />guidelines which should guarantee the adequate employment of reflection<br />for concrete applications. They are developed by hands of the<br />reflective implementation of the case studies using a checklist. Second,<br />we obtain general reflection patterns which schematically describe the<br />benefits of a reflective implementation of three relevant interaction<br />types between components, mainly using semantic conventions. 2011-03-24T16:00:39Z Reflection-Patterns im Kontext von Objekt- und Komponententechnologie 2011-03-24T16:00:39Z eng 2001 terms-of-use Althammer, Egbert application/pdf Althammer, Egbert Reflection Patterns in the Context of Object and Component Technology

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