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MoveApps : a serverless no-code analysis platform for animal tracking data

MoveApps : a serverless no-code analysis platform for animal tracking data

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KÖLZSCH, Andrea, Sarah C. DAVIDSON, Dominik GAUGGEL, Clemens HAHN, Ilona LANG, Anne K. SCHARF, Gabriel SCHNEIDER, Candace M. VINCIGUERRA, Martin WIKELSKI, Kamran SAFI, 2022. MoveApps : a serverless no-code analysis platform for animal tracking data. In: Movement Ecology. BioMed Central. 10(1), 30. ISSN 2051-3933. Available under: doi: 10.1186/s40462-022-00327-4

@article{Kolzsch2022-07-18MoveA-58233, title={MoveApps : a serverless no-code analysis platform for animal tracking data}, year={2022}, doi={10.1186/s40462-022-00327-4}, number={1}, volume={10}, issn={2051-3933}, journal={Movement Ecology}, author={Kölzsch, Andrea and Davidson, Sarah C. and Gauggel, Dominik and Hahn, Clemens and Lang, Ilona and Scharf, Anne K. and Schneider, Gabriel and Vinciguerra, Candace M. and Wikelski, Martin and Safi, Kamran}, note={Article Number: 30} }

Vinciguerra, Candace M. Safi, Kamran 2022-07-18 Lang, Ilona Hahn, Clemens 2022-08-04T09:20:04Z Davidson, Sarah C. Gauggel, Dominik Kölzsch, Andrea Schneider, Gabriel Wikelski, Martin Scharf, Anne K. eng Background<br /><br />Bio-logging and animal tracking datasets continuously grow in volume and complexity, documenting animal behaviour and ecology in unprecedented extent and detail, but greatly increasing the challenge of extracting knowledge from the data obtained. A large variety of analysis methods are being developed, many of which in effect are inaccessible to potential users, because they remain unpublished, depend on proprietary software or require significant coding skills.<br /><br />Results<br />We developed MoveApps, an open analysis platform for animal tracking data, to make sophisticated analytical tools accessible to a global community of movement ecologists and wildlife managers. As part of the Movebank ecosystem, MoveApps allows users to design and share workflows composed of analysis modules (Apps) that access and analyse tracking data. Users browse Apps, build workflows, customise parameters, execute analyses and access results through an intuitive web-based interface.<br /><br />Apps, coded in R or other programming languages, have been developed by the MoveApps team and can be contributed by anyone developing analysis code. They become available to all user of the platform. To allow long-term and cross-system reproducibility, Apps have public source code and are compiled and run in Docker containers that form the basis of a serverless cloud computing system. To support reproducible science and help contributors document and benefit from their efforts, workflows of Apps can be shared, published and archived with DOIs in the Movebank Data Repository.<br /><br />The platform was beta launched in spring 2021 and currently contains 49 Apps that are used by 316 registered users. We illustrate its use through two workflows that (1) provide a daily report on active tag deployments and (2) segment and map migratory movements.<br /><br />Conclusions<br /><br />The MoveApps platform is meant to empower the community to supply, exchange and use analysis code in an intuitive environment that allows fast and traceable results and feedback. By bringing together analytical experts developing movement analysis methods and code with those in need of tools to explore, answer questions and inform decisions based on data they collect, we intend to increase the pace of knowledge generation and integration to match the huge growth rate in bio-logging data acquisition. Gauggel, Dominik Kölzsch, Andrea Davidson, Sarah C. Hahn, Clemens terms-of-use Safi, Kamran Wikelski, Martin Vinciguerra, Candace M. 2022-08-04T09:20:04Z MoveApps : a serverless no-code analysis platform for animal tracking data Schneider, Gabriel Lang, Ilona Scharf, Anne K.

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