Visualizing Large-Scale Telecommunication Networks and Services

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KOUTSOFIOS, Eleftherios E., Stephen C. NORTH, Russell TRUSCOTT, Daniel A. KEIM, 1999. Visualizing Large-Scale Telecommunication Networks and Services. Visualization '99. San Francisco, CA, USA. In: Proceedings Visualization '99 (Cat. No.99CB37067). IEEE, pp. 457-461. ISBN 0-7803-5897-X. Available under: doi: 10.1109/VISUAL.1999.809930

@inproceedings{Koutsofios1999Visua-5732, title={Visualizing Large-Scale Telecommunication Networks and Services}, year={1999}, doi={10.1109/VISUAL.1999.809930}, isbn={0-7803-5897-X}, publisher={IEEE}, booktitle={Proceedings Visualization '99 (Cat. No.99CB37067)}, pages={457--461}, author={Koutsofios, Eleftherios E. and North, Stephen C. and Truscott, Russell and Keim, Daniel A.} }

Koutsofios, Eleftherios E. North, Stephen C. Visual exploration of massive data sets arising from telecommunication networks and services is a challenge. This paper describes SWIFT-3D, an integrated data visualization and exploration system created at AT&T Labs for large scale network analysis. SWIFT-3D integrates a collection of interactive tools that includes pixel-oriented 2D maps, interactive 3D maps, statistical displays, network topology diagrams and an interactive drill-downquery interface. Example applications are described, demonstrating a successful application to analyze unexpected network events (high volumes of unanswered calls), and comparison of usage of an Internet service with voice network traffic and local access coverage. 1999 First publ. in: Proc. IEEE Visualization 1999 (Vis'99), San Francisco, California, USA, 1999, pp. 457-461 Koutsofios, Eleftherios E. Keim, Daniel A. Truscott, Russell 2011-03-24T15:59:40Z eng North, Stephen C. 2011-03-24T15:59:40Z Visualizing Large-Scale Telecommunication Networks and Services Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic Truscott, Russell application/pdf Keim, Daniel A.

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