P73 C-terminus is dispensable for multiciliogenesis

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BUCKLEY, Niall, Emanuele PANATTA, Nobuhiro MORONE, Masafumi NOGUCHI, Luca SCORRANO, Richard A. KNIGHT, Ivano AMELIO, Gerry MELINO, 2020. P73 C-terminus is dispensable for multiciliogenesis. In: Cell Cycle. Taylor & Francis. 19(14), pp. 1833-1845. ISSN 1538-4101. eISSN 1551-4005. Available under: doi: 10.1080/15384101.2020.1783055

@article{Buckley2020Cterm-56604, title={P73 C-terminus is dispensable for multiciliogenesis}, year={2020}, doi={10.1080/15384101.2020.1783055}, number={14}, volume={19}, issn={1538-4101}, journal={Cell Cycle}, pages={1833--1845}, author={Buckley, Niall and Panatta, Emanuele and Morone, Nobuhiro and Noguchi, Masafumi and Scorrano, Luca and Knight, Richard A. and Amelio, Ivano and Melino, Gerry} }

Melino, Gerry Amelio, Ivano Scorrano, Luca Morone, Nobuhiro P73 C-terminus is dispensable for multiciliogenesis Panatta, Emanuele 2022-02-21T10:28:15Z Scorrano, Luca Buckley, Niall 2022-02-21T10:28:15Z Panatta, Emanuele Knight, Richard A. eng The p53 family transcriptional factor p73 plays a pivotal role in development. Ablation of p73 results in severe neurodevelopmental defects, chronic infections, inflammation and infertility. In addition to this, Trp73<sup>-\-</sup> mice display severe alteration in the ciliated epithelial lining and the full-length N-terminal isoform TAp73 has been implicated in the control of multiciliogenesis transcriptional program. With our recently generated Trp73<sup>Δ13/Δ13</sup> mouse model, we interrogate the physiological role of p73 C-terminal isoforms in vivo. Trp73<sup>Δ13/Δ13</sup> mice lack exon 13 in Trp73 gene, producing an ectopic switch from the C-terminal isoforms p73α to p73β. Trp73Δ13/Δ13 mice show a pattern of expression of TAp73 comparable to the wild-type littermates, indicating that the α to β switch does not significantly alter the expression of the gene in this cell type. Moreover, Trp73<sup>Δ13/Δ13</sup> do not display any significant alteration in the airway ciliated epithelium, suggesting that in this context p73β can fully substitute the function of the longer isoform p73α. Similarly, Trp73<sup>Δ13/Δ13</sup> ciliated epithelium of the brain ependyma also does appear defective. In this district however expression of TAp73 is not detectable, indicating that expression of the gene might be compensated by alternative mechanisms. Overall our work indicates that C-terminus p73 is dispensable for the multiciliogenesis program and suggests a possible tissue-specific effect of p73 alternative splicing. Buckley, Niall Morone, Nobuhiro Knight, Richard A. 2020 Melino, Gerry Noguchi, Masafumi Noguchi, Masafumi Amelio, Ivano terms-of-use

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