The Movebank system for studying global animal movement and demography

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KAYS, Ronald, Sarah DAVIDSON, Wolfgang FIEDLER, Andrea FLACK, Andrea KÖLZSCH, Jesko PARTECKE, Michael QUETTING, Kamran SAFI, Anne SCHARF, Gabriel SCHNEIDER, Ilona LANG, Matthias LANDWEHR, Louis VAN SCHALKWYK, Rolf WEINZIERL, Martin WIKELSKI, 2022. The Movebank system for studying global animal movement and demography. In: Methods in Ecology and Evolution. British Ecological Society. 13(2), pp. 419-431. ISSN 2041-2096. eISSN 2041-210X. Available under: doi: 10.1111/2041-210X.13767

@article{Kays2022Moveb-55924, title={The Movebank system for studying global animal movement and demography}, year={2022}, doi={10.1111/2041-210X.13767}, number={2}, volume={13}, issn={2041-2096}, journal={Methods in Ecology and Evolution}, pages={419--431}, author={Kays, Ronald and Davidson, Sarah and Fiedler, Wolfgang and Flack, Andrea and Kölzsch, Andrea and Partecke, Jesko and Quetting, Michael and Safi, Kamran and Scharf, Anne and Schneider, Gabriel and Lang, Ilona and Landwehr, Matthias and van Schalkwyk, Louis and Weinzierl, Rolf and Wikelski, Martin} }

eng Kölzsch, Andrea Scharf, Anne Fiedler, Wolfgang Lang, Ilona Weinzierl, Rolf 2022 Lang, Ilona 2021-12-20T07:44:52Z Flack, Andrea Wikelski, Martin Kays, Ronald Partecke, Jesko Weinzierl, Rolf Landwehr, Matthias Wikelski, Martin Safi, Kamran Scharf, Anne Schneider, Gabriel Kölzsch, Andrea Partecke, Jesko Schneider, Gabriel The Movebank system for studying global animal movement and demography Davidson, Sarah terms-of-use Landwehr, Matthias Quantifying movement and demographic events of free-ranging animals is fundamental to studying their ecology, evolution and conservation. Technological advances have led to an explosion in sensor-based methods for remotely observing these phenomena. This transition to big data creates new challenges for data management, analysis and collaboration. We present the Movebank ecosystem of tools used by thousands of researchers to collect, manage, share, visualize, analyse and archive their animal tracking and other animal-borne sensor data. Users add sensor data through file uploads or live data streams and further organize and complete quality control within the Movebank system. All data are harmonized to a data model and vocabulary. The public can discover, view and download data for which they have been given access to through the website, the Animal Tracker mobile app or by API. Advanced analysis tools are available through the EnvDATA System, the MoveApps platform and a variety of user-developed applications. Data owners can share studies with select users or the public, with options for embargos, licenses and formal archiving in a data repository. Movebank is used by over 3,100 data owners globally, who manage over 6 billion animal location and sensor measurements across more than 6,500 studies, with thousands of active tags sending over 3 million new data records daily. These data underlie >700 published papers and reports. We present a case study demonstrating the use of Movebank to assess life-history events and demography, and engage with citizen scientists to identify mortalities and causes of death for a migratory bird. A growing number of researchers, government agencies and conservation organizations use Movebank to manage research and conservation projects and to meet legislative requirements. The combination of historic and new data with collaboration tools enables broad comparative analyses and data acquisition and mapping efforts. Movebank offers an integrated system for real-time monitoring of animals at a global scale and represents a digital museum of animal movement and behaviour. Resources and coordination across countries and organizations are needed to ensure that these data, including those that cannot be made public, remain accessible to future generations. Flack, Andrea Fiedler, Wolfgang 2021-12-20T07:44:52Z Kays, Ronald Quetting, Michael Quetting, Michael Safi, Kamran Davidson, Sarah van Schalkwyk, Louis van Schalkwyk, Louis

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