Biogenic Metal Oxides

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MOURA, Hipassia M., Miriam M. UNTERLASS, 2020. Biogenic Metal Oxides. In: Biomimetics. Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI). 5(2), 29. eISSN 2313-7673. Available under: doi: 10.3390/biomimetics5020029

@article{Moura2020-06-23Bioge-54414, title={Biogenic Metal Oxides}, year={2020}, doi={10.3390/biomimetics5020029}, number={2}, volume={5}, journal={Biomimetics}, author={Moura, Hipassia M. and Unterlass, Miriam M.}, note={Article Number: 29} }

Unterlass, Miriam M. Biogenic Metal Oxides Attribution 4.0 International Unterlass, Miriam M. Moura, Hipassia M. 2021-07-26T07:36:38Z eng Biogenic metal oxides (M<sub>x</sub>O<sub>y</sub>) feature structures as highly functional and unique as the organisms generating them. They have caught the attention of scientists for the development of novel materials by biomimicry. In order to understand how biogenic M<sub>x</sub>O<sub>y</sub> could inspire novel technologies, we have reviewed examples of all biogenic M<sub>x</sub>O<sub>y</sub>, as well as the current state of understanding of the interactions between the inorganic M<sub>x</sub>O<sub>y</sub> and the biological matter they originate from and are connected to. In this review, we first summarize the origins of the precursors that living nature converts into M<sub>x</sub>O<sub>y</sub>. From the point-of-view of our materials chemists, we present an overview of the biogenesis of silica, iron and manganese oxides, as the only reported biogenic M<sub>x</sub>O<sub>y</sub> to date. These M<sub>x</sub>O<sub>y</sub> are found across all five kingdoms (bacteria, protoctista, fungi, plants and animals). We discuss the key molecules involved in the biosynthesis of M<sub>x</sub>O<sub>y</sub>, the functionality of the M<sub>x</sub>O<sub>y</sub> structures, and the techniques by which the biogenic M<sub>x</sub>O<sub>y</sub> can be studied. We close by outlining the biomimetic approaches inspired by biogenic M<sub>x</sub>O<sub>y</sub> materials and their challenges, and we point at promising directions for future organic-inorganic materials and their synthesis. 2021-07-26T07:36:38Z 2020-06-23 Moura, Hipassia M.

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