Dynamik metallischer Nanotröpfchen

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HABENICHT, Anja, 2007. Dynamik metallischer Nanotröpfchen [Dissertation]. Konstanz: University of Konstanz

@phdthesis{Habenicht2007Dynam-5201, title={Dynamik metallischer Nanotröpfchen}, year={2007}, author={Habenicht, Anja}, address={Konstanz}, school={Universität Konstanz} }

2011-03-24T14:53:58Z Dynamik metallischer Nanotröpfchen 2011-03-24T14:53:58Z 2007 Habenicht, Anja Habenicht, Anja deu application/pdf In this work flat metal nanostructures on inert substrates like glass, silicon or graphite have been illuminated by single intensive laser pulses with fluences above the melting threshold. The liquid structures produced in this way are far from their equilibrium shape and a dewetting process starts. On a timescale of a few nanoseconds, the liquid but still flat nanostructure transforms toward a sphere. During this deformation the center of mass moves upward, which can lead to detachment of droplets from the surface due to inertia. The velocity of the detaching nanodroplets is measured with a light barrier technique. The experiment shows that the velocity of the detached droplet is constant over a large range of laser energy densities. This supports the model of a dewetting driven process: The droplet gains surface energy by transforming toward a sphere which is then converted into kinetic energy. Loss mechanisms like excitation of droplet oscillations and dissipation due to viscous friction are discussed. With this model the escape velocity was predicted for nanostructures of different materials and forms, hence other material parameters like surface tension or density and has been confirmed experimentally.<br />The droplets are landed on another surface. Two scenarios are found: There are spheres with a similar shape as the droplet or heavily deformed structures. These structures of splashing and rebounding are identical to the structures which can be observed in the macroscopic impact of liquids. The two scenarios can be explained by different temperatures of the droplets when reaching the substrate. terms-of-use Dynamics of metal nanodroplets

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