Tailoring superconducting states in superconductor-ferromagnet hybrids

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STELLHORN, Annika, Anirban SARKAR, Emmanuel KENTZINGER, Juri BARTHEL, Angelo DI BERNARDO, Shibabrata NANDI, Paul ZAKALEK, Jürgen SCHUBERT, Thomas BRÜCKEL, 2020. Tailoring superconducting states in superconductor-ferromagnet hybrids. In: New Journal of Physics. Institute of Physics Publishing (IOP). 22(9), 093001. eISSN 1367-2630. Available under: doi: 10.1088/1367-2630/abaa02

@article{Stellhorn2020-09-02Tailo-51058, title={Tailoring superconducting states in superconductor-ferromagnet hybrids}, year={2020}, doi={10.1088/1367-2630/abaa02}, number={9}, volume={22}, journal={New Journal of Physics}, author={Stellhorn, Annika and Sarkar, Anirban and Kentzinger, Emmanuel and Barthel, Juri and Di Bernardo, Angelo and Nandi, Shibabrata and Zakalek, Paul and Schubert, Jürgen and Brückel, Thomas}, note={Article Number: 093001} }

Attribution 4.0 International Di Bernardo, Angelo eng Nandi, Shibabrata Kentzinger, Emmanuel Barthel, Juri Brückel, Thomas We present results of a comprehensive investigation of two phenomena arising in superconductor(S)/ferromagnet(F) heterostructures of Nb on FePd with a lateral magnetic domain pattern: domain-superconductivity and spin-triplet Cooper pair generation. Resistivity measurements in a magnetic field applied out-of-plane to a Nb/FePd (S/F) sample with high magnetocrystalline anisotropy give evidence of stray field generated domain-wall- and reverse-domain-superconductivity. A corresponding bilayer comprising low magnetocrystalline anisotropy exhibits spin-triplet Cooper pair generation and a notable high variation of the S critical temperature due to spin-triplet generation (ΔT<sub>c</sub>) of 100 mK in an in-plane applied field. Using reference samples we can clearly distinguish stray field from proximity effects. The relevance of the characteristic S and F length scales related to the observed proximity effects is discussed. Barthel, Juri Nandi, Shibabrata Stellhorn, Annika 2020-09-02 Stellhorn, Annika Schubert, Jürgen Schubert, Jürgen Brückel, Thomas Kentzinger, Emmanuel 2020-09-28T12:17:18Z Di Bernardo, Angelo Zakalek, Paul Sarkar, Anirban Sarkar, Anirban Tailoring superconducting states in superconductor-ferromagnet hybrids Zakalek, Paul 2020-09-28T12:17:18Z

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