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Untersuchungen zum Ladungsträgertransport in multikristallinem Silizium

Untersuchungen zum Ladungsträgertransport in multikristallinem Silizium

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SEREN, Sven, 2002. Untersuchungen zum Ladungsträgertransport in multikristallinem Silizium [Master thesis]

@mastersthesis{Seren2002Unter-5062, title={Untersuchungen zum Ladungsträgertransport in multikristallinem Silizium}, year={2002}, author={Seren, Sven} }

application/pdf Untersuchungen zum Ladungsträgertransport in multikristallinem Silizium Seren, Sven Within this work, three different multicrystalline silicon ribbon materials were characterised regarding their electrical transport properties: String Ribbon (SR), Edge defined Film fed Growth (EFG) and Ribbon Growth on Substrate (RGS). These materials offer a cost effective base for solar cell processing but differ in their electrical properties compared to monocrystalline silicon.<br />Spatially resolved measurements of the minority carrier lifetime in SR and EFG show an inhomogeneous structure of stripe shaped areas of higher and lower lifetime. The mobilities and concentrations of the minority charge carriers within these areas are determined via temperature dependent Hall-measurements. The resulting curves can be explained using two different grain boundary models. Thereby some samples show a maximum in the temperature dependence of the Hall-mobility, which can be explained by a positive charged grain boundary with donor-type trap niveaus. A characteristic minimum in the Hall-mobility is found for other samples, which is typical for small grained silicon. This may be a hint for a negative charged grain boundary with acceptor-type trap niveaus.<br />Successive hydrogenation with different durations and temperatures results in an improvement of the electrical transport for all investigated materials. Some samples reached after a sufficient hydrogenation electrical transport values comparable to monocrystalline silicon in the investigated temperature range. Investigations concerning the Charge Carrier Transport in multicrystalline Silicon 2011-03-24T14:52:49Z 2011-03-24T14:52:49Z terms-of-use 2002 Seren, Sven deu

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