Definable quotients of locally definable groups

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ELEFTHERIOU, Pantelis E., Ya'acov PETERZIL, 2012. Definable quotients of locally definable groups. In: Selecta Mathematica. Birkhäuser. 18(4), pp. 885-903. ISSN 1022-1824. eISSN 1420-9020. Available under: doi: 10.1007/s00029-012-0091-5

@article{Eleftheriou2012-12Defin-49645, title={Definable quotients of locally definable groups}, year={2012}, doi={10.1007/s00029-012-0091-5}, number={4}, volume={18}, issn={1022-1824}, journal={Selecta Mathematica}, pages={885--903}, author={Eleftheriou, Pantelis E. and Peterzil, Ya'acov} }

2020-05-26T12:24:32Z eng Peterzil, Ya'acov terms-of-use Eleftheriou, Pantelis E. We study locally definable abelian groups U in various settings and examine conditions under which the quotient of U by a discrete subgroup might be definable. This turns out to be related to the existence of the type-definable subgroup U<sup>00</sup> and to the divisibility of U . 2012-12 2020-05-26T12:24:32Z Peterzil, Ya'acov Eleftheriou, Pantelis E. Definable quotients of locally definable groups

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