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Current-induced domain wall motion in Ni80Fe20 nanowires with low depinning fields

Current-induced domain wall motion in Ni80Fe20 nanowires with low depinning fields


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MALINOWSKI, Gregory, Andreas LÖRINCZ, Stephen KRZYK, Philipp MÖHRKE, Daniel BEDAU, Olivier BOULLE, Jan RHENSIUS, Laura Jane HEYDERMAN, Young Jin CHO, Sunae SEO, Mathias KLÄUI, 2010. Current-induced domain wall motion in Ni80Fe20 nanowires with low depinning fields. In: Journal of Physics D. Applied Physics. 43, 045003

@article{Malinowski2010Curre-4963, title={Current-induced domain wall motion in Ni80Fe20 nanowires with low depinning fields}, year={2010}, doi={10.1088/0022-3727/43/4/045003}, volume={43}, journal={Journal of Physics D. Applied Physics}, author={Malinowski, Gregory and Lörincz, Andreas and Krzyk, Stephen and Möhrke, Philipp and Bedau, Daniel and Boulle, Olivier and Rhensius, Jan and Heyderman, Laura Jane and Cho, Young Jin and Seo, Sunae and Kläui, Mathias}, note={Article Number: 045003} }

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