Vector-valued Schrödinger operators in Lp-spaces

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KUNZE, Markus, Abdallah MAICHINE, Abdelaziz RHANDI, 2020. Vector-valued Schrödinger operators in Lp-spaces. In: Discrete & Continuous Dynamical Systems / Series S. American Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS). 13(5), pp. 1529-1541. ISSN 1937-1632. eISSN 1937-1179. Available under: doi: 10.3934/dcdss.2020086

@article{Kunze2020Vecto-49264, title={Vector-valued Schrödinger operators in Lp-spaces}, year={2020}, doi={10.3934/dcdss.2020086}, number={5}, volume={13}, issn={1937-1632}, journal={Discrete & Continuous Dynamical Systems / Series S}, pages={1529--1541}, author={Kunze, Markus and Maichine, Abdallah and Rhandi, Abdelaziz} }

Maichine, Abdallah 2020 2020-04-23T08:24:05Z Vector-valued Schrödinger operators in L<sup>p</sup>-spaces Maichine, Abdallah Kunze, Markus eng Rhandi, Abdelaziz Kunze, Markus 2020-04-23T08:24:05Z Rhandi, Abdelaziz

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