Coral reef survival under accelerating ocean deoxygenation

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HUGHES, David J., Rachel ALDERDICE, Christopher COONEY, Michael KÜHL, Mathieu PERNICE, Christian R. VOOLSTRA, David J. SUGGETT, 2020. Coral reef survival under accelerating ocean deoxygenation. In: Nature Climate Change. Nature Publishing Group. 10(4), pp. 296-307. ISSN 1758-678X. eISSN 1758-6798. Available under: doi: 10.1038/s41558-020-0737-9

@article{Hughes2020-04Coral-49234, title={Coral reef survival under accelerating ocean deoxygenation}, year={2020}, doi={10.1038/s41558-020-0737-9}, number={4}, volume={10}, issn={1758-678X}, journal={Nature Climate Change}, pages={296--307}, author={Hughes, David J. and Alderdice, Rachel and Cooney, Christopher and Kühl, Michael and Pernice, Mathieu and Voolstra, Christian R. and Suggett, David J.} }

Voolstra, Christian R. Kühl, Michael Kühl, Michael Cooney, Christopher 2020-04-21T08:54:45Z Coral reef survival under accelerating ocean deoxygenation 2020-04-21T08:54:45Z Alderdice, Rachel Hughes, David J. Suggett, David J. Suggett, David J. Hughes, David J. 2020-04 Pernice, Mathieu Global warming and local eutrophication simultaneously lower oxygen (O<sub>2</sub>) saturation and increase biological O<sub>2</sub> demands to cause deoxygenation. Tropical shallow waters, and their coral reefs, are particularly vulnerable to extreme low O<sub>2</sub> (hypoxia) events. These events can drive mass mortality of reef biota; however, they currently remain unaccounted for when considering coral reef persistence under local environmental alterations and global climatic change. In this Perspective, we integrate existing biological, ecological and geochemical evidence to consider how O<sub>2</sub> availability and hypoxia affect reef biota, with particular focus on the ecosystem architects, reef-building corals, that operate as both O<sub>2</sub> consumers and producers. We pinpoint fundamental knowledge gaps and highlight the need to understand sub-lethal hypoxia effects that are likely already in play. Cooney, Christopher Alderdice, Rachel Voolstra, Christian R. Pernice, Mathieu eng

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